Tech My Breath Away

'Tech My Breath Away' is your ticket to the front row of the ingenuity that ignites the world of technology and business, where minds meet, ideas collide, and the power to change lives resides."

It is a riveting exploration of emerging innovators who are spearheading the next wave of transformative change. Through intimate interviews, we delve deep into their personal journeys, uncovering the roadblocks they have faced, and the pivotal moments that shaped their destinies.

We get a sneak-peak into the future of humanity by diving into the nitty-gritty of their specialized domains and unraveling the intricate details that drive progress.

Through the podcast, we also open thought-provoking conversations about the multifaceted aspects of career building, identity, purpose, and privilege in this fast-paced world that is driven by technology. Acknowledging the alienating effect that constant change can have, we’d like to use our podcast as a medium to build a sense of community, and inspire people to navigate their paths with self-assurance and awareness.


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Know Your Host

Ex-Stanford, Ex-IIITH
Ex-Uplara, Ex-Sunmall (Silicon Valley Startups)
Qualcomm's Innovation Fellowship (QIF)
Publications in ICCV, BMVC, ACCV
Reader, Traveller, Poet

Abbhinav Venkat
Founder & CEO, 123 of AI.