From beginners to seasoned professionals, our diverse program lineup ensures mastery in Machine Learning, taking you from zero to hero!

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Introductory Boot Camp: 3 Hours!

Introductory Boot Camp: 3 Hours!

Get a taste of ML and go from ZERO-TO-HERO using India's ONLY example-driven experiential workshop, with market insights and a roadmap to pivot to ML roles!

₹ 499.00 INR
AlphaML: Classical Machine Learning

AlphaML: Classical Machine Learning

Learn the foundations of Machine Learning in this experiential 2-month-long workshop! This is a highly gamified and hands-on program, with assignments, hackathons, and guided projects!

₹ 29,999.00 INR
SigmaML: Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP

SigmaML: Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP

SigmaML is our 12-week program on Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing with our usual experiential format spin on it!

₹ 39,999.00 INR

Why Learn With us?

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Accomplished Mentors

With mentors hailing from Ivy League Universities, big-tech and high-functioning startups, learn from the folks who create real-world AI systems!

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Gamified Experiential Learning!

Our program enable you to build real problem-solving skills, with a hands-on approach through assignments, hackathons, and industry-grade projects, in our special gamified format!

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Tight-knit Community

With students hailing from across the globe, from freshers to ones in senior management, we nurture a strong interactive community in our cohorts!

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Personalised Mentorship

With doubt-solving sessions and strategy calls, our team is available round the clock to support you in your learning journey, no matter what your specialised needs are!

Why Students Love 123 of AI

"This course is, without exaggeration, one of the finest I've encountered in the realm of online learning. The curriculum is on par with what you'd expect from an Ivy League university, yet it's offered at a remarkably affordable price.

Abbhinav sir, the instructor, is a standout feature of this course. He has a unique talent for making challenging concepts accessible and engaging. He provides multiple perspectives on every topic – logical, practical, and geometrical – ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

What sets this course apart is the dedication and student-centric approach of the instructor. If a student falls behind or struggles, extra time and resources are devoted to bringing them up to speed. Every concern is taken seriously, fostering an environment where every learner feels valued and supported. The camaraderie among students and the networking opportunities are invaluable.

It’s more than an educational program; it's a transformative journey into the world of machine learning. Highly recommended for anyone looking to dive deep into machine learning with guidance from one of the best in the field!

"I can't thank 123 of AI enough for the incredible machine learning course they provided. Not only did I acquire a deep understanding of machine learning concepts, but I also learned how to apply them to real-world problems.

This course has opened up new opportunities for me in the field of artificial intelligence and data science!

Abbhinav's commitment to excellence and the overall quality of instruction truly set him apart. Thank you, for helping me take a significant step toward my professional goals."

"The 3-hour workshop is a power-packed one where Abbhinav shares  the intuition behind a few models in a way that a novice can understand. I further attended the 2-month long AlphaML, in which I realised that he is very fine teacher who establishes the underlying mathematical  principles in a way I can grab effortlessly. I highly appreciate and recommend his teaching style in addition to his knowledge, both of which help synthesize the subject matter with immense clarity."

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